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May 22, 2019

What are the best bag and shoes brand matches?

On social media, nothing is ever left to chance when it comes to choosing the item of an outfit. At Heuritech, analyzing each piece that influencers and consumer wear is what we excel at.

The Heuritech visual recognition technology is able to scan every elements of an outfit posted on social media images, from the color of the top to the shape of the bottom. More precisely, this in-house artificial intelligence can recognize more than 200 models of bags and shoes.

For this study, we asked ourselves the question: which hypest shoes are worn with which hit bag?


Four millions fashion posts on Instagram analyzed


Our Data Science team analyzed 4 millions fashion posts on Instagram. We took into accounts the major brands for bag and shoes on Instagram in terms of volume and group the other ones. For each major shoes brand, we looked at the brand of the bag worn with them.


Bag brands paired with Louis Vuitton shoes

Bag brands paired with Louis Vuitton shoes

It turns out that luxury shoes aficionados like to wear the brand in total look i.e. wear bag and shoes of the same brands.
As for the more at leisure looks, they tend to adopt Louis Vuitton bags to embellish the sneaker powerful trend.

Deep dive into our study highlighting 10 brands.



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