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February 25, 2019

Heuritech: A new visual identity for new challenges

On February 25, 2019, Heuritech unveiled a new visual identity. New logo, new colors, new website: another chapter of our history is being written!




Heuritech was founded in 2013 by Tony Pinville and Charles Ollion, after completing their PhDs in machine learning at the Pierre and Marie Curie University in Paris. The company has developed a visual recognition technology that can recognize the fashion details in images. Every day, we analyze 3 million images on social networks to measure consumer and influencer demand.

The launch of Instagram in 2010 profoundly transformed the way trends are created: every day, more than 100 million images are shared on Instagram. For brands, there is much information to be processed to know what consumers expect and thus respond to global ethical and societal challenges. But the challenge is to massively process this information: with text-only analysis, brands miss 80% of the information. That’s why we want to capture the power of shared fashion images every day online.

Our technology recognizes and analyzes everything: brands, products, colors, styles, shapes, etc. Our goal is to improve the fashion lifecycle: to better understand consumer expectations when creating a collection, and to adjust global and local stocks through better sales forecasts over time and geography.





A new identity carrying us from the past towards the future

At the beginning of Heuritech, the team created an image recognition technology: this is the starting point of our new identity. This “sharp eye” that allows us to analyze down to the smallest details in millions of images. Heuritech therefore provides this expertise to brands through its eye, but also thanks to the latest scientific advances, which allow us to always be at the forefront.

This identity is thus materialized through a symbol, that of the combined H & E, which unite into a key: the key that allows access to Heuritech’s knowledge and ultimately, to the analysis of the entire market.




For colors, we opted for shades that reflect our DNA: gold because we come from the world of luxury, where excellence is a requirement. In addition, we use a dark gray with a touch of blue to bring out this color. The water green softens the first two colors.




For our typography, the challenge was to find the right alliance between our expertise to highlight our analysis while keeping the character of a fashion typography. We opted for Abel for our expertise. Abel’s form has a strong personality which makes this typography very recognizable and at the same time universal. Since the use of data is central to Heuritech, we have also chosen the Abel for its perfectly readable numbers on an interface or data visualization.

The Prata reinforces our fashion dimension thanks to its marked wheelbase.




To represent Heuritech’s expertise, we have created patterns for each industry we want to address: fashion, retail, sports, beauty.

We apply the patterns above each image to materialize the analytical process to which we submit these images.



In addition, special attention was given to data visualization, central to our analysis. The design must be pure and centered around the data to highlight it.




A new identity to write a new chapter

In one year, our team has grown from 20 people to 35 people: Heuritech is now writing the next chapter of its history. We want to write this story to help fashion change into a fairer and therefore less polluting industry. Our mission is to anticipate consumer expectations to enable brands to produce better and focus on what they do best: being creative.


This is 21st century inspiration. This is Heuritech.

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