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February 14, 2019

A love declaration from consumers to brands: how Instagram uses love emojis

love emoji


Emojis are our best partners when words are missing. They give us the capability to express envy, melancholy, kindness, joy, surprise, excitement, determination, satisfaction, jubilation, inspiration and even… love. Especially on Valentine’s Day. We felt today was the perfect day to talk about it.

At Heuritech, we were curious to see how consumers were telling their love to products they wear daily. What are the most popular emojis? Our data scientist team analyzed 3 millions of posts from 2018. These posts came from Heuritech’s image recognition technology which detected the hypest bags or shoes in pictures. We then gathered the emojis used in the description of the posts and analyzed what were the most used emojis.

Can you guess what?

The main feeling we got was love.

But the good news is: consumers didn’t wait for Valentine’s Day to express their love to their favorite products. They do it everyday, all year long. A real love story!

Analysis of the most used emojis per brand

How to read it: from left to right, these emojis are the most used by consumers when posting a product from these brands. The ranking is ordered from top to bottom according to love emojis posted with brands in the pictures.

Instagram - most used emojis by brand


A note on the analysis:

Heuritech’s main focus is our award-winning visual recognition technology that allows to identify branded products posted on the leading social networks’ images. For this analysis, we combined both images and text, i.e. posts. This was necessary to avoid results fraught by spam.


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