Deep Learning Lectures at Paris-Saclay DataScience Master

Early 2017, Heuritech took part in the Deep Learning Lecture at the Paris-Sacaly DataScience Master, organized by Ecole Polytechnique.

We – Olivier Grisel (INRIA) and Charles Ollion (Head of Research @heuritech) – designed the slides and labs (Jupyter Notebooks) with the following intents:

  • a broad introduction to Deep Learning, with in-depth explanation of key concepts
  • a hands-on approach, including engineering and implementation
  • keeping close to the state-of-the-art, as most models presented are less than 2 years old. We update the lecture to keep it up-to-date with the fast-paced development of Deep Learning.

Everything is open source and available here. The github (feel free to contribute!) is here. You’ll need to know enough Machine Learning and Python before taking this course.

Thanks to our TAs Hedi & Alex, for their help during the lab sessions!


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