Heuritech Paris Deep Learning Meetup #4 !

On Wednesday 30/09, Heuritech organised the 4th Deep Learning Meetup.

  • Charles Ollion (Heuritech) : Deep Learning at Heuritech.
    • Charles talked about the use of Deep Learning to do Natural Language understanding at Heuritech, and highlighted the differences with traditional Machine Learning approaches.
  • Olivier Grisel & Michael Eickenberg (INRIA) : summary of Deep Learning Summer School 2015.
    • Olivier introduced many deep learning concepts, and focused on Attention models, notably on question answering tasks (recent works by Google and Facebook).
    • Michael gave us a survey of Generative models such as GANs and VAEs.
  • Alban Desmaison (Moodstocks) : Spatial Transformer Networks on GTSRB.
    • Alban made a very clear presentation on Spatial Transformer Networks and showed how to apply it to a classic Image dataset (slides).

Then we had pizzas and drinks offered by Heuritech and great informal talks!

Many thanks to the speakers/organizers, Olivier, Michael, Alban, and to Snips for hosting the meetup.

You can find the entire meetup on video here (in French!) and the Deep Learning Summer School 2015 slides here.


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